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My Most Worn Items

Most of these items have already been featured in my blog because I honestly wear them all the time! These have shamelessly been worn over and over again to many events! Hence why I have lots of pictures wearing them haha. These items make me feel the most confident and comfy. There is nothing better… Continue reading My Most Worn Items

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Current Obsession

Straight to the point: off the shoulder everything + chokers (in all materials) Celebrities everywhere are wear these two trends (both separate and together) and it might seem hard to pull off in everyday life, but it’s possible as long as you feel comfortable. I love these two tends so much that even though I… Continue reading Current Obsession


Being Festive This Time of Year

It’s the most wonderful time for… Baking Making Hot Chocolate (and adding whipped cream of course!) Taking Baths Watching Vlogmas 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Decorating Christmas Music Dressing a Little Festive Sitting by a Fireplace Shopping Iceskating December is here and the days are going by so fast (in my perspective). This time of year almost everywhere you… Continue reading Being Festive This Time of Year

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Bath Time!

Bath time is my favorite time of the day! Sadly I don’t have time to take baths everyday, but when I do I really enjoy them! It’s like a little treat. Lush has made bath time an incredible experience for me with they’re bath bombs and bubble bars. A lot of places also sell they’re… Continue reading Bath Time!

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Styling Basics (Part I): Sweatshirts

Today I am starting a mini series on how to style basics you might have in your closet. Since the weather has left the 90s in California I thought I would start with sweatshirts. I’ve got many different types of sweatshirts in my closet (senior, college and plain black sweatshirts). We have all probably styled… Continue reading Styling Basics (Part I): Sweatshirts

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My Autumn Wish List

With the invention of online shopping, it is hard to not look up the newest items in your favorite stores. This makes my ‘want’ list grow! And it also makes me spend more haha. So today I share with you a few finds I totally want in my closet (and probably won’t get, a girl… Continue reading My Autumn Wish List


First Concert Experience 🎤🎶

Last Friday I attended Hozier’s concert in Berkeley, CA. This was my first concert and it won’t bemy last! It was an amazing concert (not that I have anything to compare it to), but I was not disappointed. His talent really shines live. Hozier’s band members are also very talented! The woman who plays the… Continue reading First Concert Experience 🎤🎶